Industries we support

Ship & Yacht building

VentuneBV designs and delivers complete automation solutions for both ship and mission equipment. Various solutions are developed in-house, based on our proven vessel automation platform.

  • Integrated solutions
  • Efficient
  • Safe
  • Flexible
  • Fit-for-purpose systems
ship & yacht building

Ventune’s automation and integration of systems provide safe and efficient use of our customers’ assets. Ventune is renowned for increasing customers’ profits by delivering state-of-the-art automation solutions. 

These include automation systems for alarm monitoring, intelligent power management, propulsion control, vessel management, condition-based monitoring, and mission equipment, such as heave compensation, module handling towers, pipe-lay equipment, cutter suction dredgers, etc.

Our solutions are flexible, easy to maintain and replace, robust and reliable, and are adaptable to specific operational requirements and restraints.

industrial outsourcing


Oil & Gas

Our offshore installation services include

  • Loading/unloading and receiving
  • Pre-assembly
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Low, medium and HV electrical works
  • Hand and hydraulic tools, including certification and calibration
  • Craning of wind turbine components
  • Installation and service lift
  • Cable work and testing
  • Sub-stations (including HV)
  • Transformer installation (including HV)

Adding to this we deliver 

  • Full Project and HSEQ Management
  • Site management
  • Crew transfer planning and execution
oil & gas


construction site

Our offerings span from large-scale project execution – planning and execution including risk assessment, documentation, logistics, manning, tools, equipment, and cranes – to small, specialized teams, configured for specific tasks.  

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