Behind every great project
is a handful of
dedicated people

We are here to see that you reach your deadline in time and that nothing comes between you and your goal

Bringing together a wide range of professionals, highly skilled and motivated. A new concept of making power teamwork as part of a bigger plan and concept.

We fill in the gaps, so there are no miss outs and no weak points. Driven by the desire to see a job well done and to remain committed to our core values is imperative for us.

We believe in the power of many, in the commitment we make to each other, to support and deliver at our full potential.
Any project is made possible by complex teams of welders, locksmiths, builders, technicians, and electricians.
Experience significant savings to your supply chain by transitioning you to high labor, multi-stage subassemblies, and weldments to Ventune BV.

We are the team you need!

Industries we support

  • Ship& yacht building

  • Industrial

  • Oil&gas

  • Construction

  • Energy

These are our main domains